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We're on hand to give you any information you may need however, take a look through this page first to see if your answer is here...

How do I book?

Booking is simple! Firstly get in touch with us to secure your date and cart.

What is your delivery range?

Simple... Anywhere in Dorset!

How do I secure my booking?

We ask for a non-refundable 50% deposit to secure your booking. The remainder is then due up to 2 weeks before your booking date.

Where can I find your booking terms & conditions?

Just here!

How can I pay you?

Payment is easiest straight into our account (you can do this via your online banking or visiting your banking provider) we will give you a reference.

We also except cash & PayPal (for a small fee).

I'd like to see you in person

No problem, check our social media to see what local fairs we're attending or get in touch and we can meet up for a cuppa!

The cart says to feed 60 but I only want 20!

Don't sweat it, 60's just a number! Get in touch with us and we will send over a personalised quote, just for you!

How will my cart be personalised?

Each cart comes with a selection of customisable chalkboards, each item will be labelled. If you have a running theme to your occasion we can add either foliage, bunting, balloons or anything else you would like to add to the cart dressing (some of these items are subject to additional costs)

Will my cart look exactly like the images on here?

Pretty much yes however the images are a guide to how each cart will look and all carts are subject to change... for instance we may find there are so many donuts we need more crates to display them on etc, plus each cart is totally personalised to you so there maybe added extras you would like on there too?

We have guests with allergies

As with most food and drink suppliers please let us know if you have people attending with allergies. You will find a handy little allergen pack on your cart with ingredients lists inside but you can also download it here.

We are happy to cater for most dietary requirements, just let us know when booking.

How will my data be stored?

As part of data protection laws we keep any private information given by yourselves stored securely for a maximum of 6 months.