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We have a choice of 12 different flavours for our gourmet doughnuts & you can choose as many flavours as you like.

Our doughnuts are fully customisable so if you don't see a flavour you like we can still provide it for you at the same cost (unless you want 22 carat edible gold... then we may have to re-quote!)

For the DIY doughnuts we provide the plain doughnut and you can decorate with a choice of 3 glazes and four toppings.

Flavours can be found here

Our rustic cart will also be personalised to your occasion with chalkboards and flowers.


These are the prices for aa cart to serve 60 people based on the list of flavours please contact us so we can get you a full quote if your numbers are different

Cart for 60 Gourmet- £210

Cart for 60 garnish your own - £235

Just cart hire and dressing - £140